To assist you in getting started with Group Order Form, use this template to create your new online order form!

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Services - Order Form Template

You can use Group Order Form to sell your services online!  Just add items (like the sample ones below) for the various services you offer.

  • Babysitting
  • Car wash
  • etc

We make it easy for your customers to pay you for your time and talent.  Use the template below to get started with your Services Order Form.

Our technicians will complete a 30 point inspection of your vehicle to ensure all components are working properly.
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Standard Battery replacement w/ warranty.
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Our techs will change your oil, filter, and perform a 10 point lube inspection.
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Includes pads and brake fluid. Most cars.
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Includes shoes (or pads), fluid, and shaving the rotors (if needed).
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Our trained technicians will evacuate, vacuum, and recharge your AC system with new refrigerant.
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